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      Phuket International Rugby 10s

Brand Connect Asia

In 2013 we set out to build a fresh, agile model in Asia Pacific drinks distribution. A business to propel premium drinks brands to realise their ultimate Asian potential

We never imagined that in just 36 months, the world's most progressive and innovative producers would be partnering with Brand Connect. And also calling Asia home

We now proudly command a portfolio of distinction. A unique collection, that measures us as a business. Brings potency to our presence in the market. And ensures priority access to the choice distributors

Distinctive brands. Efficient distribution. Effective marketing

We place special emphasis on these three factors when planning and managing growth for our brands. Factors with such influence on performance, they alone calibrate a brand's ultimate value

We built Brand Connect around them. And are investing behind them going forward

If your brand is looking for a home in Asia. Where it can realise its full potential. Look for one with end-to-end logistics. A trans-shipment hub in Singapore. Copper nameplates in 13 Asian markets. Integrated supply chain management. Real-time tracking and inventory data. Streets-ahead marketing capabilities

And a whole bunch of rather distinctive brands!

Phuket International Rugby Tens

26th-28th May 2017

Thanyapura Sports Club

Phuket Thailand


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