Rams Haka

      Phuket International Rugby 10s


Bedok Kings

Street Fighters - Bangla Edition

The Bedok Kings to return to the Kingdom of Thailand for umpteenth time in 2017. This time round, not only will they do battle on the Thanyapura Playing Fields but also at the sacred battlegrounds of Soi Bangla. With fighters all around the globe travelling to not only grace the Phuket 10s, but to also fight in the not so secret underground "Bedok Kings Street Fighter - Bangla Edition Championships".

Athletes indeed, these battled hardened warriors have been carefully selected to at least pass the ball backwards, execute a flaming upper cut, score a try and do inverted helicopter kicks. All this, to be executed while necking down a beer with their left hand. It is no mean feat, as they have gone through strenuous training at our Bungy Bar dojo situated in the mean streets of Clarke Quay.

Alas, Phuket is a different animal altogether and may be too overwhelming for some of the new tourists. As always, alcohol will be their teacher. Once the dust settles, expect a lifetime of stories of love, alien abductions, mysterious disappearances during these 48 hours of athletic and pugilistic excellence. With the spirit of rugby and "street fighting", we do hope to see some old familiar friends and make new ones over the weekend. Onward to the 2017 edition of the Phuket 10s!!!


26th-28th May 2017

Thanyapura Sports Club

Phuket Thailand