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      Phuket International Rugby 10s

Abu Dhabi Harlequins

With all the fuss and whoha going on in the press regarding the impending next world war and Trump’s confused finger on his twitter button its good to see some sanity in this world as the Abu Dhabi ‘Quins vets once again gird their loins and prepare for their 5th and possible messiest Phuket 10’s.

With the defrocking and police investigation into Father Liam’s recent involvement of the rather unsavory ‘Father Liam’s church choir for the homeless and wayward youths of the area’ the leadership of the tour has fallen on the broad, oh so broad and sexy shoulders of Daddy Dave McR and his sidekick Jason F who is currently on track to break the current world record for wearing his AD Quins training vest on as many family holidays as humanly possible before his wife divorces him. Jason is a well known druid and voodoo aficionado and before accepting this role he consulted the local voodoo guru at McGettigans and was given the following advice:-

“He comes from the West, he travels quickly with purpose, he travels with others, he comes over water, he will oppose, he brings violence and destruction, beer is cheap in Bangla Road and Tiger is an excellent bar”. His juju is well happy!

This year, for shits and giggles, the vets are bringing their weekend playthings and beer gimps for some fun in the sun in the form of a non-vets selection of perverts and wierdos who still think gel in the hair is fashionable. While they think this is going to be an easy weekend for them, the more experienced Phuket tourist knows that it takes far more than a six pack, power, pace and fitness to survive the grueling demands of this tournament. The rugby is also going to be a bastard in the heat.

While many clubs consider the young and enthusiastic first XV as the squad to emulate and aim for, here at the Quins we see this merry band of ‘young guns’ on their first tour as a sort of job interview to see if they are up to the rigors of vetdom and the demands of post 35 rugby, ie real rugby. This group of upstarts are led by Master B Bolger and are keen to stamp their authority on the Open tournament and have already started training in the more seedier parts of AD and the surrounding port area, much to the dismay of their coach, wives and the local constabulary. This sort of behavior bodes well for the future of grass roots rugby here in Abu Dhabi.

Fancy dress, check! Song book, check! Passport, check!

Alibi to tell the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend if caught out, check! Wallet, check! Boots, check!

Lets go!

You fill up my senses!!! 

Phuket International Rugby Tens

26th-28th May 2017

Thanyapura Sports Club

Phuket Thailand


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